3D Anamorphic Drawing on Paper Test

3D Trick Art Anamophic Drawing Pencil on Paper

3D Trick Art Anamophic Drawings Pencil on Paper Top View

I remembered that a year ago I saw someone drew an anamorphic/ trick art (or whatever the name is ;P).
And here we go, this is my first try, so I made a simple object, TeesLab Studio logo. Just for fun :D
This is fun, I really enjoyed the drew process, and I'm satisfied with the result, so for the next I'll draw more complex object, maybe 3D biomechanical.

Description: Trick art style, 3d illusion anamorphic drawing with pencil on paper.
Rating: 4
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 Calligraphy Letter Koi Water Brush Pen

Calligraphy Letters Free Style - Koi Water Brush Pen

Just a quick test. I used Koi water brush to create this calligraphy.
At first I think I can filled this pen with watercolor, and the ink doesn't flow, you can fill it with water only.
So I dip it to the ink. I like the rough effect from this brush when you move the brush quickly.

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Description: Calligraphy letter with Koi water brush pen.
Rating: 4.5
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 Illustration Definition n Tips to Learn Illustration

Illustration is something that illustrated, (pictorial to explain something or to solve problem with visual). Today, illustration mostly created in digital techniques (vector, digital painting, etc), but many illustrator still using traditional techniques (pencil, pen ink, watercolor, etc). Mostly, digital illustrator have a strong traditional skill too.

Illustrator have a unique talent, because you know what? they are artists (illustration is in art direction zone), but not every artist can make illustration.

Simple tips for a beginner who want to learn illustration:

1. Find an professional illustrator, many of them like for sharing their own progress or sharing a tutorial. Follow their step, it's ok if it just for learning purpose. You'll find your own style overtime. Illustrator is like a chef, you can't make your own recipe if you don't have enough skill and experience right?
2. At first, don't using computer to learn illustration, just drawing in your paper with your favorite tools,until now, I usually using mechanical pencil and Rotring Rapidograph. This is great to increase your feeling.
3. To be a professional, you need strong skill, you can find any course, find an expert to teach you. Another option is you can learn from any tutorial.
4. Always practice, don't give up. 

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Description: Simple tips to learn illustration for beginner who want to become professional illustrator.
Rating: 4.8
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